In Praise of Workplace Wellness Programs

Wellness Room

Wellness Room

Workplace wellness has become popular over the years with many companies coming up with their own policies to promote it. The rise of employee wellness programs is a positive development towards supporting initiatives that push for workers’ well-being.

Corporate wellness programs vary and often tailored based on various factors including employees’ needs and the nature of work involved. For some businesses, it may take on the form of providing better access to health assessments and education. For others, it could be providing a soothing space for employees to relax or a gym or fitness room and equipment to make it easier for their people to get a workout in the workplace.

As the trend continues, there are many possibilities which can shape companies’ employee wellness initiatives of the future. Who knows, there may even come a time when corporate buildings will feature facilities like a free indoor walking track and other facilities that will take workplace wellness to new heights.

Another approach some businesses take is to support organized fitness activities like employees forming recreational groups or sports teams. Some companies recognize and provide limited or full financial support for hiking or mountaineering clubs, running groups, and basketball or football teams among others.

Whatever type of program may be in place, a company’s wellness policy can provide immediate and long-term benefits not just to employees but to the business itself. With chronic stress one of the factors that lead to burnout, a business decision like investing in employees’ well-being can help in making the workplace less stressful or at the very least, provide a way for people to distress if needed.

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